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Off-Shore for Success!  
  Premier Results, Inc.

"Our projects involved major enhancements in TakeStock®. Your Off-Shore team's ability to gain understanding to the system and make recommendations was, in our opinion, incredible." 

"In the past 12 years of working with programmers we have never encountered such a professional organization. Not only do they perform basic programming tasks quickly and accurately, but they offer well-grounded opinions on structure and design."

- Tim Singleton, President
  Application Results, Inc.

"Your Off-Shore team helps us deliver projects on time and on budget even during periods of peak demand." 

"My technical team is often skeptical about training classes, but the one you did for us prior to our project kickoff was well received. I have no doubt you have helped improve the practices of my programming team."

- Carl Mix, President
  Vicor Industries, Inc.

"The people from Innov8 have been helping us with our business for over 15 years now. Many other vendors have come and gone but they have always been there for us, no matter how many changes we under go ourselves." 

"We have thrown change after change at them and some how when the bill arrives, it's a quarter of what we expected. We don't have our own computer staff, and if it weren't for Innov8 we would probably have to by now. The products they use are great because we manage them all ourselves." 

"We used their Off-Shore resources recently and updated our whole system to enable our next phase of growth. It's all very exciting."

- Jacob Gesthalter, President